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Thank you all for your patience while dootdootgarden was down. It was eaten to death by spam like a disease. Now it’s up-n-running on a more reliable server, and with a more professional name – craigthompsonbooks.com. Thank you, too, to those who brought the Twitter impostor to my attention. Finally dealt with that creepy pest. Work on new projects is shifting into a bit of a secretive stage; so in the meantime, here’s some treats from the HABIBI process vaults and my sketchbook.

Above left: a discarded page of HABIBI that was reworked into page 591 of the final book (right). Note that the sidewinding snake looks almost exactly the same, but is redrawn. And the narration becomes less clunky.
Below: an exercise in my sketchbooks is to copy a frame from a favorite film to get a sense of the composition and chiaroscuro balance of light and dark. This one is from Hiroshi Teshigahara’s The Woman in the Dunes.

My next event is the Festival of Faith & Writing at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan — April 19th thru 21st. More on that soon.

12 thoughts on “hi jack and hi at us

  1. So glad you got rid of the spammer(s), and it’s great to know you’re working, even if we can’t see what you’re doing. This framed piece from “Woman in the Dunes” is gorgeous. Is the technique something you came up with?

  2. I finished to read Habibi last night. Thank you so much for this beautiful story. I love your drawings. On page 525, I recognized a lovely blanket and on page 552, i smiled when i saw a bird:)
    Your artwork is amazing!

  3. Craig, will you be doing any signings at the Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland? I’d love it if you could sign my copy of Habibi 🙂

  4. I was at Calvin and bought both Blankets and Habibi there. Blankets was recommended to me over a year ago on Goodreads (which you should join, btw) from a friend who told me it sounded like my life.

    After starting Blankets during the festival, I had to hide it away. It was too close to home. But thank you for that, that closeness and story.

    The end.

  5. Hey mr. Thompson,

    I’m a huge fan of your work
    I aspire to your level of professionalism and aesthetic flow of your work

    any new news of your universe for Jan 2013?

    Still doing creative collaborations with your band friends in Menomena?

    BTW, I thknk I speak for all your fans when I say

    “We would love to se another “Carnet, travel Journal” from any land you visit :>)

    Sincerely, M. feher

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