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Hello, Blog-Readers, and thanks as always for your patience. As you certainly can relate, the summer months are chaos.

First off, it was a treat to see many of you at San Diego Comic-con, and thanks to the comic industry for awarding HABIBI an Eisner for Best Writer/Artist. Here’s a con photo with a great group of fans from the Philippines.

The Philippines have recently been hit hard by monsoon season flooding, and members of the comics community have started a fundraiser for aid, relief, and medical assistance for the hundreds of thousands of displaced people. As part of this, the original cover artwork for the new edition of BLANKETS has been donated. Details HERE.

As all of you know, I never sell original artwork, so this a rare exception that any piece is available. 14’x17″ India ink on Bristol board. If I have a chance, I’ll personalize a note on the back to the donor.Ā Please, look into bidding to help raise funds for this crucial cause. Thanks!

11 thoughts on “flood fund-raiser

  1. Hi Craig,

    I would love to bid on this lovely drawing but searched the link and couldn’t find where to bid. Could you post some clearer directions?

    Thank you!

  2. hi craig,

    i really appreciate the effort you guys are making for our little archipelago. it warms my heart that unity through art is being accomplished. this hit me in the gut — being filipino and all…and has inspired me as well. thank you! and God bless you more

  3. yes ruth is right, but thereĀ“s info on other ways to donate and help, so itĀ“s ok. i think itĀ“s specially important to donate doxycycline, cefotaxime and penicillin (to fight leptospirosis). and of course lots of bottled water.

  4. Thanks, everyone, for your concern (and patience)! The DETAILS link will be updated no later than Friday with all the proper information for bidding. Yours, Craig

  5. hello Craig!
    Do you plan on comming back to europe or maybe Portugal?
    We talked in Beja’s ComicBook Festival, i did a portrait of you.

    I’ve read Habibi, it’s spectacular!

    All the best!

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