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It’s been a full year of touring with HABIBI, and this week takes me to what feels like a pinnacle – the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. While there, I’ll be conducting comics workshops with deaf children at the Holy Land Institute in Salt city,  youth at the Princess Basma Youth Resource Center in Amman, and an elite group of Jordanian graphic novelists. This promises to be a life-changing experience; and I’ll be sure to bring home drawings/stories for the blog.

A couple of days after my return, I’ll be at the National Book Festival hosted by the Library of Congress in Washington DC.
My presentation & signing is from noon – 2:30 on Sunday, September 23rd.

Enticing invites keep pouring in from all over the world; but I’m feeling growing pressure and obligation to get home to the drawing board and start producing new comics pages! My plan is to travel nowhere for October – my first month of not flying since this time last year.

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  1. Hi Craig!
    It was such a pleasure to finally meet you at Skirball and again at Con! You are one of my favorite writers of all time and when you said your work is a handwritten letter to your reader, I could understand that completely. I have your Habibi print framed and ready to grace my wall. Thank you so much for your light and good energy. Wish you best of luck on your travels and please be safe! Can’t wait to read about the experience.

    Love and light,

  2. i´m also having a “life-changing experience” that involves working with children in a foreign country (only mine will last a year). the reason i´m so interested in childhood -and the way you portray it- is that (i think) finding the boundary between paternalism and paternal instinct is the key to understand the mechanics of power. i hope you´ll come up with something that´ll help me on that (and if not, i´ll just enjoy your drawing). take care and don´t change too much haha

  3. Hi Craig, wonderful stuff you’re doing -yet again-! 🙂

    Just something FYI: Your site appears on Google with the message ‘This website has possibly been hacked.’ I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, the message does not appear underneath for the link though. Perhaps Google needs to refresh their indexing/listing, or they think that the site has a potential ‘weak’ spot for hackers. If you click the link, it gives a Google info page on what to do as a website owner.

    Just thought you should know, just in case! But perhaps you’re aware already, or it might be nothing.

    Also, a very belated thank you for signing my Habibi hardcover at Gosh London in February this year, not sure if I commented that yet. My friend Mark queued for 2 hours to get it signed by you. What a friend indeed! 🙂 I was very sad I couldn’t be there myself, as I work 5min from the shop normally. But I was on holiday.

    Kind regards! (you don’t have to accept/approve this comment btw!)

  4. come to Israel!

    people here love you! and we have a nice little graphic novelists community here (asaf and tomer hanuka, rutu modan – eisner award winner and many more)

    your work has been a huge inspiration for me, as I learned how making art can be a way of pouring out the content of an aching heart.

    I’ve heard that as a young artist you used to make comic poems. I also write poems and I plan to draw some of them. is there a way to get hold of copies of those poems? I am very curious to see such work (as glimpses of this form of art have appeared in Chunky Rice and Carnet De Voyage)

  5. Your coming to Jordan!!! I live in Jordan and i love your work!!!

    Will you be having any signings in amman? Would love to meet up!

    I hope im not too late to see this!


  6. welcome to Jordan, i didn’t get the chance to see you but my friend did, hope you’llbe coming more often, as we say: ahla o sahla 🙂

  7. ya i’m so lucky to have a special Autograph from the amazing Graphic Novelist ….Craig Thompson am really so glad to met u 🙂

    really it was great workshop just 2 days but give us cool inspiration…. !!!

    i won’t forget it as long as i live !
    may Allah Blessing u 🙂

  8. Craig!! 🙂 I have been checkin ur blog ever since we finished the workshop EVERY DAY! Please update us! I read Blankets and oh my Goood.. I LOOOOVE it! I related to it soooooooo much!
    Hopefully will hear from u sOon! 🙂
    I am Rana by the way..

  9. It’s with this great pretention taken from the inside of an unslept night and a bottle of wine, that this charming young lady comes here to complain on how cruel you are making people believe they know you after reading your work (yeah, speacially blankets… ãããrgh, ok, I’m trying my best not to sound like a predictable cheesy overly excited fan here *wuuff*)… I’m brazilian, so I must say I’m a recent reader (2 days ago reader as a matter of fact) and I was praticaly forced, by supernatural alien forces, to find a way to transmit you my most sincere feeling of admiration for your work, not just a momentary flush of excitement from this “post-craig-thompsons-reading-precocious-intimacy-ilusion”.
    anyway… just wanted to say you got yourself a devoted fan.

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