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Happy New Year, Everyone! My apologies for neglecting to post in January. Mostly I was bummed out to not be back on the drawing wagon as predicted. All of December and January were spent in recovery, including occupational therapy. But I’m reminded that there were similar months of recuperation after BLANKETS tour in 2004 (see CARNET DE VOYAGE).

I was waiting for happy news before posting, and it arrived with February as I’m finally drawing again & starting fresh with a new opening sequence for the book (scrapping most of the pages inked in November).
The happier news is that the incredible Dave Stewart is on board to color SPACE DUMPLINS, infusing the drawings with vibrant atmosphere & volume. Dave and I’ve known each other since 1997 when I worked as a graphic designer at Dark Horse Comics and he was an in-house colorist. He’s best known now for his work on Mike Mignola’s HELLBOY and BRPD (and for winning seven Eisner awards!).
After so many years of working solo, I’m excited to share this element of collaboration with an extremely talented friend.  See below for a peek at the magic Stewart brings to a single panel of the new book.

14 thoughts on “collaboration & color

  1. Hey, the preview is TRULY GREAT!! I enjoyed the way the colors were applied to your drawings, and the solution he found to depict the stars and the universe in the back. I can’t wait to read this book!!

  2. This is extraordinarily great news! I’ve adored Dave’s coloring work since DC the New Frontier and i can only imagine what he’ll bring to the your new book. Exciting!

  3. Can’t wait!!! But, oh that poor hand. Thank you for touring and drawing in all those Habibis, and sorry that it’s taking so much time and work to recover. The coloring looks just amazing.

  4. i’m in korea. it’s korean traditional new year day(as u know we used luner). i just finished your book-blankets. i love it. i’m looking forward to hear your new srory. happy new year!

  5. Craig, I just read Blankets! It is sooo lovely! I accidentally stayed up until 6 am reading it because I had to read it in its entirety! It is one if those pieces of art that are just perfect. I was taken, heartbroken, commiserating, enthralled, impressed, marvelling, filled with joy, and amazed by beauty! Thank you. Sara

  6. Man, this thing is looking awesome, Craig! Knowing you, I’m expecting some astonishing imagery and unique layouts.

    Question, if you can answer it: How long do you see this particular book being? Are you planning on it being as long as Blankets or Habibi, or much shorter?

  7. Hello Craig, have always been a big fan of yours and it’s great to see you working with my pal Dave. As beautiful as your work is, Dave makes everyone look better. Cheers.

  8. Im a big fan of your works, Craig. Cant wait to read a new book. Especially since its my favourite sci-fi genre

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