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After getting home from three weeks in LA, I have a couple events unfolding in the Portland area.

1) The local launch for First Second’s FAIRY TALE COMICS with cartoonist (and Laika storyboarder) Graham Annable at GREEN BEAN BOOKS. 1 PM on Saturday, September 28th (1600 NE Alberta Street, Portland). More on that anthology – a sequel of sorts to NURSERY RHYME COMICShere.

2) A two-way stage conversation between Gene Yang and I to scour the crossover themes of our coming-of-age memoirs (AMERICAN BORN CHINESE) and historical, religious epics (BOXERS & SAINTS) at the WORDSTOCK literary festival. 3 pm, October 5th, Oregon Convention Center.

Hope to see you locals there!


4 thoughts on “green bean & wordstock

  1. Ah! Good reminder to sit down and read Gene’s new book. I really enjoyed the nursery rhymes book, and this one looks like a great follow-up!

  2. tks for letting us know Craig.

    I’ve got a couple of things for you:

    1) Is there a way to subscribe to your Blog, RSS feed, or s/g like that, because I only get your updates monthes after the fact, when I decide to check in on your Site?

    2) Neat little homage their to Trondheim’s tiny tyrant, a la criag thompson… 😉

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