spacebikes 1983

Unearthed some more childhood art that wasn’t lost in the BLANKETS burn barrel.┬áThis one’s another scroll (see slumgutso
and scrambled seaweed) drawn circa 1983 in Mrs. Kamenick’s third grade classroom at Marathon Elementary – Wisconsin.

I was nine years old and all fired up about RETURN OF THE JEDI (note the belt buckle matches the jersey).
This is exactly the sort of nerd-ball enthusiasm I’m trying to channel for the upcoming SPACE DUMPLINS.

8 thoughts on “spacebikes 1983

  1. The level of line control you had even in third grade is mind blowing! You don’t see 9-year-olds with that confident and tight of a stroke very often. I remember my drawings at that age were filled with eraser marks and heavy, clumsy, sloppy lines. And you had quite an eye for detail – clearly translated into the over the top detail fetishism we see in Habibi! Always love to see professional artists childhood work, you were clearly destined for your field.

  2. My dad used to bring home this exact same computer paper from work for me to draw on. Honestly, when reading Blankets, I was shocked how parallel our childhoods were. I even fell in love with a girl I met at church camp. My family is all gone now, so I read through it again every year on Christmas.

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