pile of trash in fine art & folk art

For those of you asking about Dave Stewart’s process coloring SPACE DUMPLINS, there’s a great interview up at FROM THE GUTTERS.

Dave is tackling some ridiculously detailed panels. Here’s one I just drew of an outer space landfill.

As ever, the reference is hodgepodged from both low brow & high brow sources. A) The FOLK ART side hails from the graveyard of cars rusting in the forest behind my parents’ rural Wisconsin home. (See page 533 of BLANKETS for more wooded trash heaps.) ┬áB) The FINE ART side is Nancy Rubin’s “Airplane Parts” sculpture at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

7 thoughts on “pile of trash in fine art & folk art

  1. Wow, Craig, this looks so amazing. I can’t wait to see it in person! You said some really interesting things about choosing to work in black & white or color when I heard you speak at Meltdown in LA a while back. That really got my mind spinning, and I’ve thought of what you said many, many times since. It is very cool to see how color changes your work. These detailed panels look truly incredible!

  2. look like Space Dumplins is coming along just swimmingly. cannot wait to read it,

    Even MORE excited about your Book you’re doing with Baudoin, i’ll be on the look-out for it’s release at my local comics Store (House of Secrets in Burbank.)

    Love your work, keep it up!

  3. Hi Craig! It looks like space dumplings is coming along great, which is so exciting! I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your works, specifically Blankets. It has had a huge of influence on me as a person and as an artist, and I can’t thank you enough for writing it.
    I will be attending Interlochen Arts Academy in the fall, which I am only mentioning because I know that is right next to Traverse City, and I wanted to let you know that you are a huge inspiration for me as an artist and have helped inspire me to get where I am now.

    So, thank you Craig!

  4. Ho. Lee. Wow. That landfill drawing just fried my brain. I don’t even want to think about the coloring process for poor Dave on this one. You’re really putting him to work!

  5. Hi, Craig! I just read Blankets, my first illustrated novel and adore it for a variety of reasons. I sent you a message on your Facebook page but saw that it was maintained by your publisher. I am hoping (beyond hoping) that you also read the messages as it would make my day to get a response back.
    I cannot wait to read more of your work. Best of luck with everything!

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