chapter five complete

As of today, chapter FIVE of SPACE DUMPLINS is complete. Two more chapters until the finale of the book
— approximately 80 pages to draw before the year’s end. Gonna get hectic.

Above is a sample from chapter four. On the right, the final panel with Dave Stewart’s colors.
On the left, an onion skin effect: orange = thumbnail; pink = background pencils; gray = character pencils.

And here’s an example from the just-finished-not-yet-colored chapter five. Teal = thumbnail; red = pencils; black = inks.
Thanks to all of you for your patience and support!

7 thoughts on “chapter five complete

  1. Wow! Can’t wait to have it on my hands! And thanks for the suggestions of last post. I’ve enjoyed both the comic book and now praying drunk!

  2. Love these! Look forward to it! Please let me know if I can interview you for my Master’s Thesis on Muslim cartoons, a chapter of which will be solely devoted to Habibi. Please get back to me. I have been trying to reach you to no avail.

  3. Super-stoked for this project.

    I’m curious to get into doing that onion-skin effect in my own, Indie comics –I only do blue pencils right now, and it seems that color-separation will be the Way to Go…
    is that a brand new technique for you, now since you have switched to doing ayour thmbnails and pencils on your Cintiq Tablet?

    Or did you use diff.color pencils before– straight to Paper-?

    ugghhh… i’m asking too many questions —

    have a great , productive rest of 2014 and here’s to success in your finished Space Dumplins Comic Book!

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