six momos for the new millennium

Happy Holidays, Blog-Friends, and as ever thanks for your patience with these updates. As of today, CHAPTER SIX of SPACE DUMPLINS is finally complete. Only one more (shorter) chapter to complete the book. Unfortunately, I’ve fallen behind schedule – distracted by finalizing the cover design, a trip to NYC to meet with Scholastic, some health problems, and of course MOMO trampling pages in the midst of inking.

In this first photo – I moved my inking to the dining room table – the only spot with enough natural light to work during a six hour power outage. The second image documents Momo intercepting the blue pencil while roughing out a page (final inks on the left).

Now to dive into the final chapter. Despite being behind schedule, the book should still hit its off-to-print deadline for its Fall 2015 release. Thanks for sticking with me!

4 thoughts on “six momos for the new millennium

  1. No, thank YOU for the marvelous work, Mr. Thompson!

    You got fans from all over the world eagerly waiting for Space Dumplins.

    Have a great new year!

  2. Re: health problems

    Hopefully the worst of that is resolved and everything leads up to an exciting 2015! Happy New Year…!

  3. Gosh, these illustrations are gorgeous!

    The more I’m learning about publisher’s timelines, the more I’m baffled as to how you will illustrate another chapter, how Dave will color it, and how the publisher will print and distribute the book by this fall.

    I don’t say this to pressure you, but to express my surprise in what a healthy workflow you must have with the publisher! Amazing!

    Here’s to better health, quickly, and to an enjoyable final chapter. All the best!

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