finish line stretch

SCHOLASTIC officially announced the August 25th release date for SPACE DUMPLINS, just as I was finishing the inks for the FINAL CHAPTER.

I’m not in the clear yet… there’s still book design, and pages upon pages of copyedits/corrections/redraws, but getting close! For Scholastic, this marks the tenth anniversary of their GRAPHIX line, which I’m honored to participate in. Happy New Year, Dear Readers. More soon!

13 thoughts on “finish line stretch

  1. Just posted this on Goodreads:

    Even though the picture is small, there are lots of details to be seen.

    Here are few thoughts:

    In the concept sketch the ship in the background seems as it just arrived and a whale-like creature could possibly eat it. The main character is dragging a chicken which obviously does not want to be dragged (emotions). The little rascal on her right (will/determination) is set loose and the right hand of the character is hidden from this perspective. She looks up (faith).

    On the final cover lettering is better, just a tad too much on a trek side for my taste but still very good. I’m gonna take a wild guess and assume there was a version with “Craig Thompson” being engraved in that robot but someone suggested it would be too trashy. I don’t think it would be good but either way works.

    The ship in the background is leaving while the whale looks more as a prop from a theme park than a threat. His teeth are like island surrounded by sea – tongue being a wave. Lot of trash and pollution here – I like how that comet/moon/planet now closes the upper left part keeping all elements in. There is a light in the background that gives “our” character kind of holy vibe. Chicken is not angry anymore but a bit tired/depressive and our moving force is still that little rascal – now almost puling us forward. So we got determination and emotions in about even opposite forces yet walking forward in faith even though we have no idea what follows. Eye positioning on the main character would suggest internal dialogue. Adventure: Unknown.

    Think I’m gonna enjoy this – thank you for sharing.

  2. I am looking forward to it. Looks more upbeat too. I love your previous work but Habibi, Blankets and particularly Chunky Rice all make me cry.

    Best of luck with this Craig. Will pre order soon as.

  3. I’m almost done with Space Dumplins (I got a review copy from Amazon) and I absolutely love it. I saw on the back cover that a national tour is listed. Any news on that? Thanks again for your great work. It’s inspiring me to start writing again after not doing so for the last 10 years.

  4. i don’t know why dave stuart’s name is not on the cover, but the habit of thinking that the penciller work is more important than the colorist one (and he is one of the best ever) is a really sad habit.

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