9 thoughts on “drawing brothers

  1. Hi Craig,
    I wanted to thank you for Blankets and Habibi ! I discovered both novels a few months ago, and your art is so lively and beautiful, your stories so clever and perfectly told that I keep reading them over and over since then. I especially love the way you’ve drawn the nights with Raina in Blankets : I find your whole work really poetic, but this touches me more…

    So thanks for inspiring me, I wish you all the best !

  2. Hi Craig

    I am making the journey from Australia to Amiens in july. My wife is amienoise. I am looking forward to your expostion with Edmond Baudoin.

    Love your books btw.

  3. HAHA

    I Love that Baudoin is just kicking back with Nikes and basketball shorts on.

    Baudoin IS as Baudoin does.

    cant wait to hear an update on your Los Angeles stuff.

    keep on, and keep on,


  4. Hello Craig

    I really enjoyed seeing the originals of Blankets in Amiens. I also liked seeing some originals of your sketchbooks. I saw this drawing of Baudoin in a sketchbook and wondered what the brand is as some that I use take forever for Pentel brush pen ink to dry on.


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