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Presently punting in Cambridge, UK with Sierra, the first leg of post-DUMPLINS vacation. But the big news in my world is that we’re MOVING to LA, packing up almost two decades of living in Portland, Oregon. The process is GOOD-BYE, CHUNKY RICE all over again. That book was drawn when I was 21 and first moved to Portland from Milwaukee, Wisconsin; emotionally devastated from missing my friends. Now I’m nearly forty, but feeling the same. Big love to my Portland posse, and to my extended community of friends & readers around the world.

(Also see, bamboo rafting in China.)

9 thoughts on “cambridge punting

  1. Craig: I just got my copy of SPACE DUMPLINS (in time for my birthday, no less). Another stunning performance turned in by The Best Cartoonist On Earth Today. CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU for sharing your considerable gifts with the world.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOSÉ! And thank YOU for your support and generous words. It means a lot! (Thanks, too, for defending me on FB.) Yours is the very first reader response for DUMPLINS after waiting for months in that nervous limbo between finishing a project and it hitting shelves. Hope to see you on tour!

  3. Your artistic repertoire continues to grow… you pack all the wondrous science-magic tech that’s in a movie like GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY onto a printed page, always showing the power of comics! And pack it with a heart.

    As for me being the first reader response: I’m surprised and honored, but you only got the easiest reader to satisfy out of the way 🙂 However, I do believe you’ve delivered the goods to win over many more…!

    I look forward to witnessing the next steps you take on your personal journey — DRAWING BROTHERS will be exciting to see! — and I definitely hope to see you on tour as well. Stay humble, strive for greatness.

    “You should hope to shock and move the world with your art.” — Moebius, to Julie Maroh

  4. Just Googled you and this first post on your blog is you punting in Cambridge – which is my home, and where I have this afternoon been given Habibi by a friend. It is extraordinary and I am immersed. I am on page 83… you are wildly clever! Right. Back to Dodola and Zam…

  5. Ohhhh I just read Habibi in one gorge of a sitting!!! haha. I bought it to read and enjoy slowly over the month. I’m sorry – I ate it like a rabid dog. I only wish you came to London to sign my copy! Many thanks for such a great novel 🙂 I hope you both enjoyed England – Good luck in LA xx

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