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The first translated volume of DUMPLINS, Rizzoli’s POLPETTE SPAZIALI, debuted this past weekend at LUCCA Comics Festival in Italy. It’s 100 pages longer than the US edition, because of extra “making of” material.

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Also, hot-off-the-press is Reprodukt’s gorgeous German edition of WELTRAUMKRÜMEL, in paperback and limited edition hardcover, meticulously hand-lettered, including the sound effects. And soon to be released is Casterman’s French edition of SPACE BOULETTES which will also debut in paperback and special edition hardcover. The latter has an acetate overlay cover, an in-depth interview, and extra pages of “making of” material.

weltraum boulettes

In March & April of 2016, I’ll be in Europe to promote all of these along with Faber & Faber’s UK edition, and Astiberri’s Spanish edition of ALMÓNDIGAS DEL ESPACIO.

8 thoughts on “translating dumplins

  1. Awesome! Will get my UK edition as soon as it’s out and the Dutch edition once it’s available! 🙂 Exciting! And I’ve not been here in a while, I see the blog has changed!

  2. Hi Craig,

    Space Dumplins is absolutely Awesome and Adorable! Best book I’ve ever seen!

    Just read on your blog that you will be in Europe next March/April to promote the book, and was wondering if you have rough dates for when you’ll be in London and/or Germany.

    Would love to attend one of the signings, so since I’ll be doing loads of travelling for work in March/April just wanted to avoid being away when you come this way.

    Thanks and Take Care.

    Dirk Pinter

    1. Hi Dirk,
      Here’s the tentative dates for my Eurotour:
      March 7-10 – in Belgium for Casterman
      March 10-15 – in Germany for Reprodukt
      March 17-20 – Paris Book Fair
      March 21-23/4 – London for Faber
      4-10 April – Bastia

      1. Hi Craig,

        Awesome! Will make sure I stay in Europe during March and will definitely come to one of the events.

        Thanks for and Take Care.

        London England

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