tour mementos

More SPACE DUMPLINS tour dates soon. In the meantime, here’s a few mementos thus far:

tour momentos

Upper left, CHUNKY RICE tattoo and young cartoonists/art school students from Philly. Right, fan art by talented Italian illustrator Veronica Carratello. And finally, excerpts from a huge stack of thank you notes from students at Hoffman Elementary outside Chicago.

4 thoughts on “tour mementos

  1. I have some drawings that my son made that he wants me to show you, where do I send/post them? We are all loving Space Dumplins so much over here!

  2. interesting that the “punk” girl in the photo has the little chunkyrice TAT on her shoulder….

    I’ve always wondered just what CRAIG has on his shoulder?

    Is it a little doodle of Zaccheus with wings and an Heart? Or a little Angel-character-type-thingy?

    Not that its any of my business knowing about craig thompsons tattoo(s)…but It got me curious after reading his CARNET a few times and seeing the panels of him in the mirror shaving where he depicts his little blip-of-a-tattoo on his right shoulder.

    …Also there was a panel in BLANKETS I believe where he’s thinking “How come everybody else keeps growing and I stay the same height” and you can see the tattoo on his shoulder there too.


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