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fanart friday December 17th, 2010

Happy Friday, Gang. While HABIBI production is stuck in limbo, why not share some pre-release “fan art”? A manuscript of HABIBI accompanied
me to the Atlantic Center of the Arts, and many of the associate artists had a chance to peruse it. A few of them even created tribute pieces!

Seen here: Thi Bui, Jake Wyatt, and Harris Wolf. The fourth is a reposting of Jen Wang‘s beautiful tribute. She has an incredible new book
of her own debuting at First Second Books — KOKO BE GOOD. Such an honor to see other artists depict the HABIBI characters!

11 Responses to “fanart friday”

  1. Jordi Says:

    Wow, they are really amazing! I will check all these people out! How much time do we have to wait until HABIBI?

  2. Anthony Holden Says:

    Super cool!

  3. Dj.D Says:

    Nice art. But I hoping for a release date by now since last month you said you would have it within a month. It’s ok. I was hoping to be able to get Habibi for Christmas though. I can’t wait to read it.

    I love your art style and continue to use it as an influence on my art.

  4. Dj.D Says:

    The release of Hababi is in September according to Thi Bui? Awwww. :( I do hope it comes out much sooner.

  5. jess smart smiley Says:

    These are great! Jen Wang’s book is fantastic—I made sure the local library got a copy :)

    I was wondering this morning…hopefully it’s not too personal…what’s your workout routine while doing these pages? I mean, you don’t have to go into any detail, but do you keep up on it every day? You just might be the most physically healthy cartoonist out there, so it’s worth asking, right? 😛

  6. Joseph Winder Says:

    I love them all, they’re brilliant, Harris Wolf’s is particularly spectacular though. The use of tone and light is really awesome, and the flowing lines are amazing. Every one of these give Craig’s brilliant ideas another face.

    Love them :)

    (Can’t wait for the new book)

  7. jess smart smiley Says:


    Actually, it would be great to hear any of your thoughts on health/fitness that you’re willing to share. I think that your books come out so healthy and cathartic, because you actually push through and work through problems in your own life and keep things healthy. It really comes out in your work and it’s a world of difference between work by other artists/authors who bring attention to how disgruntled they are about things, but don’t try to overcome their trials.

    I’m a blab. Does that make sense? I think there must be some correlation between your personal health and your work.

  8. Corban Says:

    It’s not coming out until next September? D:

    Don’t leave us hangin’, Craig!

  9. David Says:

    this is so great to see all this fan art. I think my personal favorite is thi bui.

  10. Panda Says:

    I loved the number 4!!So cute

  11. GABE Says:

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