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brazil jam May 24th, 2013

Brazilian buddies Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba, and Murilo Martins are visiting Portland for ICAF (International Comics Art Forum).
If this post isn’t too late, check out the twins’ SPOTLIGHT TALK at 70 NW Couch Street (Portland) TONIGHT at 7:30.

What do cartoonists do when we drink coffee and nerd out? We discuss craft & reminisce on the masters of the medium.
This morning, we picked four cartooning heroes who passed away recently, and copied panels as a tribute. Below left,
Fabio pencilled a CARMINE INFANTINO panel that Murilo inked. To the right, Murilo pencilled some MOEBIUS panels that Fabio inked.

Then I pencilled a TOPPI page that Gabriel inked. Right, Gabriel pencilled a SENDAK page that I inked.

Here’s my inks on Gabriel’s pencils of a Maurice Sendak image from WE ARE ALL IN THE DUMPS WITH JACK AND GUY.
It’s been a year, and I still think of Maurice daily.

4 Responses to “brazil jam”

  1. Maiz Says:

    Wow. Thank you for sharing this. I especially love the Sendak tribute. It is beautiful to see one of my favorite artist’s works in another favorite’s hand. It makes so much sense that you and he were connected.

  2. Jordi Says:

    Really nice tributes!

  3. jess smart smiley Says:

    So cool to see you all geeking out in ink!

  4. mike feher Says:


    i just read my first moubius strip!


    his take on the classic De Saint Exupery tale

    it was clever

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