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My Korean publisher OPEN BOOKS translate my work with incredible attention to design & production. Check out their edition of CARNET DE VOYAGE with a 3/4 jacket.

In the upper right is a “LASER QUEST” jam with Lewis Trondheim. I’m reminded that Kim Thompson
was the first to translate & publish Trondheim’s work in the US.
Also, this news is late now that Hassan Rohani has been elected president of Iran, but my dear friend Amir co-orchestrated a very cool presidential campaign for the star of his & Khalil’s book ZAHRA’S PARADISE. (author photo by Michael Macor)  If you haven’t yet read their book, you must!

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    1. Hellos, is it possible for you to help me with a link or an address, as to where i can buy the Korean edition of Blankets? .. I live in germany and i want to gift it to my friend here for her birthday 🙂

  1. thank you so much for sharing amir and khalil´s work with us. today zahra can only be fictional, but fantasy can be the seed of future reality: maybe one day we´ll witness the miracle.

  2. Amazing edition. I wish every publisher would care so much.

    Love your work, I discovered it last year and I’ve just finished Habibi. Keep on telling these great stories!

  3. just really wanna thank u, that u share your love through your work ! habibi was the first comic book i ever bought. i didnt knew u, i just saw the cover in window and i bought! i found something special in it…to see who we really are. just love ourselves in the way we are and each other in the end.even if the way is long to come over something, which really mades u feel bad. just never stop believe in it.
    iam artist from germany, just trying to do graphic novel, ha ha it seems to be the biggest fight i ever did…
    big greetings from halle saale (a town in eastgermany 😉

  4. Hello Craig Thompson,

    I’m a 23 year old french artist, I started comics 10 years ago and today, to celebrate this, there is an article on my blog where I speak about my 10 favourite comic books. Blankets is one of them ! ->
    I translate for you the text I made about it :
    “ Tell a first love with poesy, realism, humor, dream, with a rich graphism, is it possible ? Yes : read Blankets !”
    Thanks for this wonderful book !
    I have a tumblr where I put my drawings translated from french to english (every sunday) :

    Have a good work !
    Quentin Lefebvre

  5. hi. I’m glad to see this post here. I’m Korean. I just read your fantastic graphic novel, Habibi although it’s 4 o’clock in the morning. ( : I’m deeply impressed and moved.

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