My buddies in MENOMENA are releasing a new album in about a month. With their last album, FRIEND&FOE, I contributed album art, and
joined them for part of their European tour (and the Grammy’s). This time around, their MINES album cover made an appearance in a
HABIBI panel — a studio full of idols being smashed to smithereens. It’s an amazing new album, by the way. Support them and preorder at Barsuk.

13 thoughts on “mines

  1. Hey, beautiful statue. I love the way you’ve taken it and camoflaged it in your art work. I liked the album artwork you did for Tracker Blankets, was cool.

  2. Oh man I loved their last album (and your artwork for it). I’ll make sure to get a copy of the new one. Also, I cannot wait for Habibi!

  3. Ohh I will be sure to check out their music!
    and I wanted to show you the poster used for Haarlem’s comic festival this year, I was unable to attend unfortunately, the poster is pretty cool, it uses the statue of Laurens Jansz Coster, who was seen as one of the inventors of letterpress printing. (but that’s not really true) but giving it a Russian feel to fit the theme of the festival. Actually they don’t even know if this Coster man really existed, the sculptur who made the statue didn’t know what he looked like so he used his own face for the statue! It’s a strange but interesting historical story. Thought I’d share! 🙂
    Poster: http://www.boogweb.nl/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/poster_Stripdagen_Haarlem-212×300.jpg

  4. @Dan That Muppet song is actually Mah Na Mah Na, an Italian song from 1969.

    My first thought with Menomena was Men + phonemena = Menomena and me thinking that they were probably weird, serious druggies, or something. I wondered if I really wanted to listen to a song called “Wet and Rusting.” I thought it might be an exercise in mental cruelty not unlike listening to the musical meanderings of Chad Smith’s Bombastic Meatbats.

    And after listening to Menomena’s stuff I thought it was genius.

  5. Craig, I wanted to ask you something.
    I’ll be getting a couple of tattoos I’ve been meaning to get.
    One of them is a tattoo of Chunky and Dandel. I decided to get this tattoo over a year ago, because those characters and all your books mean the absolute world to me.
    The thing I need to ask you is, do you have any early sketches of Dandel and Chunky, or any sort of drawing really, of just the two of them together. While they are pictured together in the book in certain panels, there is always an object (like the blanket, or a bucket and spade) that is in the way. I would really love if you had a picture of just the two of them together. I’d really like if you wouldn’t mind emailing it to me at vivsy_hogan@hotmail.com, but if you’d rather just post it on here that’s fine too. hope it isn’t too much trouble!
    Thanks in advance.

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